Your barefoot shoes shopping can be a little bit easier again! We launched a new online store www.footic.com with more than 1 000 products and 50 brands in stock - for Kids, Women and Men!
We hope you will enjoy a pleasant shopping on Footic with all details and information available in English (some of the product info are being translated right now yet). We will be happy if you share this information with your fellow barefoot and minimalist shoes lovers and if you join us on Facebook or Instagram!

for shopping on www.littleshoes.cz

Our webpage is not in English at the moment, however, we are ready to serve our customers abroad as well. Here is a brief description of the order process with some translations into English, which may help you to process your order.

Step 1 – Choose your items and put them into the basket

Choose the shoes or other goods according to their pictures, do not hesitate to contact lucie@littleshoes.cz in case you need some other information or try a translator. There is always a chart with sizes - length and width of the particular model. Under the picture, you can see available sizes and the price. Click do košíku to add the item to the basket.

Snímek obrazovky 2018-11-16 v 10.10.10

Step 2 – go to the basket and proceed your order

To finish the order, go to the basket and click pokračovat v objednávce

1. Choose your country = země doručení
  • Germany - Německo
  • Poland - Polsko
  • Slovakia - Slovensko
  • Austria - Rakousko
  • For other countries - stay with Česká republika and choose osobní odběr as the payment method in the next step. We will contact you regarding the transport costs that are usually 10-15 EUR within EU and 15-20 EUR outside Europe.


  1. Choose thepayment method = zvolte způsob platby
  • Bank account transfer = bankovním převodem z účtu mimo ČR
  • Online payment = online platba kartou
  • osobní odběr (for other countries – we will contact you prior to the payment to confirm the final price including the transport costs)


continue by pokračovat


  1. Fill in your contact information
    • E-mail and phone number = email,telefon
    • Name and surname =jméno a příjmení
    • Street =ulice
    • Number = číslo domu
    • Town = město
    • ZIP code = PSČ


  1. For other countries - click to zadat poznámku pro prodejce and write down the country where you want us to deliver your order.
  2. Don’t forget to agree with the terms and conditions by clicking at souhlasím s obchodními podmínkami.
  3. Finish the order by clicking at odeslat objednávku.




TRANSPORT COSTS www.littleshoes.cz


130 CZK        Poland, Hungary, Romania

145 CZK        Germany

160 CZK        Austria, Slovenia

195 CZK        France, Croatia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

240 CZK        Estonia, Latvia

250 CZK        Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy

430 CZK        Finland


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